Maturity Testing & Bluey High Early Strength Grout

We’ve already highlighted the benefits of using our Giatec SmartRock sensors for maturity testing early age concrete strength, but what about high early strength grout?

From improved construction safety to cost and construction timeline saving, the SmartRock sensors have been accelerating productivity on major projects across Australia. We are excited to announce the next opportunity to unlock your construction productivity with Bluey HE80 and HE80AG.

Both products are now calibrated for use with SmartRock sensors. Bluey Technology, a supplier of construction products for major civil engineering infrastructure works, are now able to provide accompanying calibration data for their high early strength grouts to be used with SmartRock sensors. This now provides the opportunity to unlock the true early age strength of these grouts in real time without the need for labs and cube crushing. If you are conducting works at night or in remote locations this partnership will offer real-time data to a Smartphone eliminating the cost to open labs after hours or the considerable travel time needed to access a lab for cube crushing.

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