Equipment and Tools

Mixing Equipment

Collomix Hand Held

The 2-speed power pack for the demanding professional and difficult mixing jobs as well as for permanent site use. Powerful and sturdy, with an ergonomic design to save strain, suitable for large mixing volumes up to 90 liters.

  • Outstanding ergonomics
  • Adjusted working height
  • Guard handle
  • Strong and lon­g-las­ting motor

Mixing quantity:
90 Litres

Power rating:
1600 Watt

Diameter paddle:

Compact and leightweight 1-gear paddle mixer for a wide range of mixing jobs with capacities of up to 10 gals. Upright working position with ergonomically adjusted handle. High-performance components for long-lasting and reliable use. With rubber buffers that allow the paddle mixer to be placed gently and safe for damage. With HEXAFIX quick-action coupling.

  • Mixing quantities of up to 10 gals.
  • Compact and lightweight
  • High-per­for­mance components
  • Outstanding ergonomics; Rubber buffer

Mixing quantity:
40 Litres

Diameter paddle:

Independence during mixing work, without being dependent on the nearest socket outlet. Mix wherever the material is being processed: in the underground car park, on the scaffolding, in the shell, in the courtyard or in the open countryside.

The powerful 18 V, 5.2 Ah Li-ion battery of the Collomix Xo 10 NC ensures sufficient range and torque, even with denser and plastic materials such as ready-mixed mortar or adhesives.

  • Powerful 18 V, 5.2 Ah Li-ion battery
  • Ergonomically ideal working height and pleasant grip position
  • Reliable and high-performance precision gearbox
  • Thrust holder for the battery
  • Safety switch with acceleration function
  • Powerful drive motor
  • With HEXANE quick-change coupling

Mixing quantity:
40 Litres

Diameter paddle:

To help you master every material! This is a powerful force action mixer for the highest of requirements; powerful and uncompromising in the material, it is comfortable to use and takes the physical strain off the user. Excellent ergonomics due to upright working position; acceleration electronics for continuously variable rotational speed control. With HEXAFIX® coupling.

  • Coun­ter-ro­ta­ting mixing tool
  • Force­d-ac­tion mixing effect
  • Out­stan­ding ergo­no­mics
  • Adjus­ted working height
  • With HEXA­FI­X®-­Cou­pling
  • Rub­ber pro­tec­tive slee­ve

Mixing quantity:
90 Litres

Power rating:
1450 Watt

Diameter paddle:
210 mm

Collomix Machines

When it comes to preparing ready-mixed goods supplied in sacks, the TMX 1000 compact mixer is the number one choice and a trusty companion! The powerful Collomix mixer is far more effective than the gravity mixer at mixing screed or cement, saving time and money and doing a thorough job.

  • C3-arm mixing tool
  • Easy to fill
  • Dust extrac­tion
  • Com­pact and rug­ged design
  • Mobile and maneu­ver­a­ble
  • Easy to empty
  • Easy to clean
  • Crane lif­ting eyes
  • TMX 1000 TZ especially suitable for terrazzo

Mixing quantity:
80 Litres

2 kW

Collomix Accessories

 Mixing without physical strain. The RMX mixer stand takes the equipment load off our hands during mixing. A particular advantage is the gas-pressurized spring, which enables the swivel arm to be raised and lowered with ease. Ideal for mixing heavy and high viscouse materials.

  • Mixing without effort
  • Rug­ged design
  • Easy hand­ling
  • Easy to trans­port

RMX 45.5 x 118 mm 17 kg


  • Best qualtiy mixing- and mortar buckets
  • In diverent sizes available
  • Perfectly developed for the use in Collomatic mixers
  • Suitable for almost every mixing material

Mortar bucket 30 litres 1.8 kg

While opening the sack, filling the powdered material or starting the mixing process, it is simply impossible to avoid generating potentially harmful amounts of dust. This can negatively affect workers’ health and lead to contamination of the workplace. This can be a real problem, particularly when working indoors. The dust.EX dust suction device is simply clamped to the edge of the mixing bucket in combination with a vacuum cleaner. The clamping spring enables attachment to almost any mixing bucket. Switch the vacuum cleaner on for virtually dust-free working while filling or mixing. dust.EX reliably removes any escaping material.

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