Location: Sydney Harbour, NSW
CE Solution: Maturity Testing Technology
Completion: 2022
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How SmartRock Supercharged the Best High Rise Tower of 2022

“On average they were saving about half a day per cycle with SmartRock. Every core jump being reduced by half a day. Saving half a day per level, over 50 levels, that was 25 days put back into the schedule”.

Sean Windred, Senior Materials Engineer of BG&E

The Quay Quarter Tower is an unprecedented achievement in architectural, engineering, and construction innovation. To achieve the project’s ambitious scheduling goals, the QQT team adopted the SmartRock maturity technology to get immediate, real-time access to the structure’s concrete strength. Putting concrete test results into the palm of their hand, SmartRock provided real-time strength data straight from the team’s smartphones, allowing the project to move forward with operations without waiting for traditional cylinder results. SmartRock propelled the QQT project forward, trimming crucial hours and days from the timeline.


Built In the 1970s, the AMP Centre was approaching the end of its lifespan. Yet, rather than demolishing what was once Sydney’s tallest building, the world-first decision was made to retain 68% of the existing structure – A decision that saved over 6.1 million kilograms of carbon emissions.

Asset owner, AMP Capital Investors, launched an unprecedented architectural and engineering feat in creating Quay Quarter Tower (QQT). Overlooking Sydney Harbour, the tower has revitalised an iconic piece of Sydney’s skyline, creating a vertical village with a new façade, new services and double the original floor plate. To achieve the projects ambitious project schedule, the demolition of one half of the building and the reconstruction of the other half were occurring simultaneously on the same structure.

““Everything had to go back to the basics. No extent of this refurbishment has been done before”, said Sean. In a project where timing was everything, SmartRock maturity testing put almost a month back into the schedule.


SmartRock’s real-time concrete maturity testing technology played a critical role in building QQT faster and safer.

SmartRock is a wireless concrete sensor that contractors strapped to the reinforcement, before pouring concrete over it. The sensor connected to the teams’ phones, and using the SmartRock app, project staff could monitor the live strength of the concrete. Real-time monitoring and notifications let both onsite and offsite stakeholders know exactly when the structure achieved the desired strength and when they could move forward.

‘I had heard of maturity testing before, more so for early-age strength requirements in a precast environment where they have 12-hour cycle times and early age cylinders within 24 hours – these aren’t a true reflection of the in-situ concrete strength,’ says Sean from BG&E.

‘Dan Rowley from CE Construction Solutions reached out to us and introduced the SmartRock maturity testing solution for different applications such PT slabs, core walls and preloading slabs.’

‘The team from CE Construction Solutions came out and did on-site tutorials on how the product works and its capabilities, then a training on how to install the sensors,’ adds Fabio Tuttocuore, Senior Construction Manager of the concrete contractor – De Martin & Gasparini.

‘Once that was done, we were quick to run with it. We made it transparent in terms of viewing the results. Multiplex were invited to the SmartRock platform so they can view the results the next morning without having to contact us.’

‘Multiplex saw the time savings and reliability and were confident to move forward on the results of the sensors.’ With real-time strength data, the project team didn’t have to wait for cylinder results from testing labs.

Coupled with low-carbon concrete, SmartRock maturity testing was the solution for achieving QQT’s scheduling and sustainability goals.


Before SmartRock, a concrete technician would traditionally be on site during the pour to test the concrete and cast concrete cylinders. Depending on the project, they might cast early-age cylinders to give the contractor concrete strength data within 24 hours.

Early-age strength results are more than numbers; they are pivotal to project momentum and low strength results can significantly delay operations and trades.

Temperature has a huge effect on concrete strength, especially in the early stages. The heat generation of the large mass of concrete onsite can vary greatly from small volume cylinders. When crushed, they can be vastly underestimated the true strength of the structure. There’s also human error of improper casting, poor curing, and damage during transportation, resulting in low strength results.

SmartRock is the modern way to overcome these barriers to faster, safer construction. Combining a trusted testing methodology developed in 1987 (ASTM C1074) paired with the recent advances in smartphone and IoT (Internet of Things) technology, SmartRock ushers in a new era of efficiency and accuracy. It bridges the gap between trusted practices and cutting-edge innovation.

‘Over the past 50 years CE has seen a lot of change take place in the Australian construction industry,’ says CE Construction Solutions’ Dan Rowley.

‘When we look at the frontier of technology and IoT, there are opportunities for better productivity, safer working environments and optimising construction timelines.

‘Right now is a very exciting time for our industry. SmartRock Concrete Sensors are the perfect example of taking a 40-year-old international concrete test method and optimising it with technology for today’s environment.’d


The story of the Quay Quarter Tower and its remarkable transformation is more than just a story of innovation; it’s a call to action for every visionary in the construction industry. The game-changing potential of SmartRock maturity technology has been proven, and now it’s your turn to seize the opportunity.

‘We as an industry need to be more open to adopting technology,’ says Sean

‘Moving forward with a focus on sustainability; designers, engineers, builders need to be more open to innovation.’

Reclaim time in your construction schedule – embrace SmartRock and change the way you build. Break away from the limitations of traditional testing methods and unlock the power of real-time strength data, right at your fingertips. Don’t wait on for cylinder results; you’ll have the knowledge you need to move forward, confidently and efficiently.

This is your invitation to be part of the innovation in construction. Make your mark on the industry by adopting SmartRock technology, just as the Quay Quarter Tower team have.

The future of construction is here – and it’s SmartRock. Don’t wait; save time with SmartRock.

Author: Jaden Texeira
Technical Sales Manager
CE Construction Solutions

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