TeamCE are celebrating today as we’ve proudly won the ‘Supplier of the Year’ at the 2023 Master Builders and Asset Construction Hire Excellence Awards last Friday. What makes this achievement even more heartwarming is that it aligns perfectly with our 50th-anniversary celebrations.

For those who’ve been with us on this journey, you might recall the familiar excitement from 2018 when we celebrated a similar win. This year, with five more years of experience and innovation behind us, the recognition feels even more special.

We also owe a massive thanks to our customers and supporters. Your unwavering trust, loyalty and partnership over these five decades have been the key to our success. Beyond projects and products, it’s the relationships we’ve built over the years that stand out. As we toast to our golden jubilee and this outstanding achievement, we’re thrilled to continue this journey with you and excited about the future, teeming with opportunities and innovations.

Starting our journey in 1973, we at CE Construction Solutions have always been fueled by passion and commitment. This latest award serves as a reminder of what we’ve achieved together and the exciting path that still lies ahead for our team.

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