Project Spotlight: Gumnut Lane Cupolex

Cupolex Installation – Gumnut Lane, Goulburn

Project Type: Residential Slab
Location: Goulburn NSW
Developer/Builder: MP Hogan Homes & Constructions
Cupolex Products: CUPOLEX® H260 & 350 Domes
Slab Size: 500m2+

CE Construction Solutions and MP Hogan Homes and Constructions recently completed the 500m2 Gumnut Lane residential slab. Utilising the sustainable, 100% recycled plastic domes, this large slab footprint was quickly installed with minimal site disruption.


Example Drawings – Cupolex – Gumnut Lane

 Project Specific System Benefits:

  • During severe weather and pandemic related delays, Cupolex domes did not blow away or break apart as other materials had on neighbouring projects. The domes remained securely fastened on site, preventing the additional contamination of nearby waterways by styrene waste. 
  • Low onsite congestion and small delivery volumes.
  • Ease and speed of installation for on site staff.
  • Satisfied Client: Site stayed clean and free of debris.
  • Strong and durable materials – Safe for site staff to walk on.

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