Why concrete cracks?!?

Jul 15, 2016

CE Construction Solutions have an ongoing commitment to see technical forums on concrete and construction delivered to the ACT and Regional NSW market place. Traditionally these events have involved travelling interstate or long distance to access. We have volunteered a number of our key personnel to some of the country’s leading Industry Associations with the objective of making these resources more available to our local market and customers.

Just last month the Concrete Institute of Australia held one of their National seminars in Canberra called “Why Concrete does what it does”. This event was attended by over 30 industry professionals from Wagga Wagga, the Riverina, South Coast, Sydney and Canberra. The day provided a fantastic overview of concrete from one of America’s leading technical speakers on concrete, Prof. Ken Hover.

The Concrete Institute of Australia continues to support our local industry with September’s event titled “Cracking and how to avoid it”.


Cracking in concrete isn’t a new topic for discussion, but it is certainly an ongoing one. Even with readily available information and resources on cracking, it is still a major issue for all stakeholders in concrete structures. This event is designed for asset owners, Engineers, Architects, builders, concrete placers, form workers, steel fixers, PT companies and pre-mixed concrete manufacturers.

Please join us, and be involved in what will prove to be a valuable evening covering:

  • What cracking commonly occurs in concrete, and what causes these cracks to appear.
  • What steps you can take immediately to avoid unplanned cracks in your next job.
  • An open debate and discussion on why we keep having cracking issues? How can we, as an industry, work towards reducing or removing these issues in our market?

Walk away with some practical steps to reduce your cracking risks immediately and a greater understanding of the types of cracking in concrete and why they occur.

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