Free Project Optimisation Review

At CE Construction Solutions we appreciate the additional stress on everyone working through in these uncertain times. We’ve always aimed to be a business that delivers solutions that make your workday easier and project less stressful. As part of this, we want to do all we can to help you build smarter, safer, faster and in the most cost-effective way you can.

Our business is built on sharing and giving away our knowledge and we believe what we have to offer could be of even greater value to your business. As far as out workloads will allow, we are offering a free project optimisation review. This will involve a review of your plans and in turn we will provide a project brief that outlines the industry innovations, advances in materials and product evolutions which are now available to help you optimise your build cost and timelines.


A SmartRock Sensor installed at the data centre

 A recent example of these innovations delivering serious savings are with our SmartRock sensors for early age concrete testing. CE’s Sarah Ackerly delivered this solution to a Sydney based data center. Our client had advanced through about 1/5th of their projects total concrete pours. After adopting this IoT advance in testing, the next four pours in this project achieved an 8-day timeline saving as a direct comparison to previous works and also improved overall safety with early concrete related works. One of the best parts of this solution was the SmartRock technology was a cost-neutral inclusion into their project against previous testing costs. The client is now looking to deploy this method broadly across all their current projects. 

Another is our work locally in Canberra with Complex Co. CE were able to optimise their mixing equipment set up for specialist bridge works. Through setting their teams up with a tailored Collomix package we were able to assist shifting their mixing crews from three (3) teams of two (2) down to three (3) teams of one (1). These one-person mixing crews, set up with the optimal mixing station, mixer and paddle, turned out a higher mixing output and better overall mix quality. This shift in gear allowed for the redeployment of three workers into other parts of their night works project and dramatically increased overall project efficiencies. 

If you are interested in taking a free look at what you could be doing to optimise your current project reach out to your #TeamCE Account Manager. We will arrange a review of your plans and provide a project brief for you and your project stakeholders outlining this project-specific solutions we believe will optimise your works. 

We look forward to playing our part in doing all we can to help you build smarter, faster and safer. 


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If you are interested in using the SmartRock2 sensors within an upcoming project of yours, contact CE Construction Solutions for more information.