Cotter Dam

Nov 22, 2015

The original Cotter Dam, a concrete gravity dam, was completed in 1915 built to a height of 18.6m. It was raised from 1949 – 1951 to a height of 28.5m to accommodate a growing population. It served as Canberra’s primary water source until the 1960’s.

The dam was enlarged again between 2009 & 2013, this time by constructing a new 80 metre high roller compacted concrete dam wall approximately 100 meters downstream from the original dam wall. This new dam wall increased the holding capacity of the reservoir from 4GL to 78GL.

The enlarged Cotter Dam, completed in 2013, was built as part of a suite of projects to ensure the ACT has a secure water supply. The new dam allows us to better deal with future droughts without having to endure high level water restrictions.


CE Construction Solutions provided technical support and design solutions through the construction of this iconic concrete infrastructure project. Our involvement include development of concrete admixture solutions to the complex roller compacted concrete mix design through to the grout enriched facings of the dam walls.

Throughout the dams erection CE Construction Solutions were on-hand to provide support and design solutions to an array of the infrastructures complex construction needs.

For over 40 years’ CE Construction Solutions have been the trusted distributor of BASF’s concrete admixture range. We work with a wide range of the concrete industry including pre-mixed concrete manufactures, pre-cast manufactures, concrete benchtop builders and many other parties invested in concrete elements.

We understand the importance of balancing the durability and sustainability needs of major infrastructure assets with the practicality of construction in today’s market. Speak with our technical team today about how CE Construction Solutions can assist with your next major infrastructure project. (02) 6280 6010 or



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